Nik Spencer - Director

Although never suited to the education system, Nik was a born entrepreneur. Over 30 years ago Nik, fresh out of school, had his first experience in the corporate world through washing cars. After speaking with the local bakery, Nik negotiated an empty car park that he used as headquarters. To ensure the highest possible customer satisfaction, Nik would walk around the village and inspect the cars after every wash to ensure each were completed to meticulous standards. This attention to detail has continued to play an instrumental role in his career ever since.

Quickly building a strong reputation in the local community, Nik started a window cleaning venture – repurposing the same sponges and buckets used to clean cars. After building a strong portfolio of customers and a respected local brand, this became the first business he sold, aged 20. 

A countryside gent, Nik had always been well-accustomed to the agricultural way of life. He therefore reinvested his profits into two businesses, which he ran in parallel. Alongside building a livery yard, Nik purchased a tractor and mower and set about contracting for local farmers. Demand quickly increased and Nik continued to invest in new equipment, which led to the agreement of a significant verge cutting contract with Warwickshire County Council.

In 1994 Nik sold the contracting business and focused efforts on the equine industry. As a cost-effective animal bedding alternative for his customers, Nik began collecting old newspapers, which he would shred and sell. This business was lucrative, but the market’s ups and downs were challenging. After receiving a buy-out offer from Biffa, he agreed to sell up. From here, Nik started several businesses. These included a refuse vehicle hire company that grew to a fleet of 180 trucks, alongside a recycling facility using custom-designed MRF equipment, developed using processes learned from the food and drink industry. After securing a buyout offer from Kier Environmental, Nik once again agreed to sell, with the caveat of taking a seat on the Kier Environmental Board whilst remaining Chairman of the companies he retained. During these years Nik’s other interest, cars, was to be enjoyed, and he realised his passion for racing in 2013 by entering himself and his beloved MGB into the Historic Sports Car Club (HSCC) Series. His first race at Oulton Park resulted in a finish 7 seconds behind the class winner, a Porsche. Nik’s racing candle was lit, his goal, to improve himself and his car over the coming seasons. 2013, Nik left Kier and once again ignited his passion for entrepreneurship. Utilising his knowledge and understanding of the recycling industry, he set a clear goal – to solve the national issue of domestic waste management. Working in partnership with numerous academics from across Europe, he developed an idea which would bring waste-to-energy (WTE) technology to the home – the Home Energy Recovery Unit (HERU). HERU was born out of a personal drive and passion to stop homeowners wasting valuable resources, as well as wider pressures to minimise the landfilling of waste. Designed to fit seamlessly into domestic properties, the unit will process all domestic waste into clean energy, generating hot water for the household.

In 2015 Jaguar and the HSCC announced details of the Jaguar Heritage Challenge race series. This exciting new racing championship, open to pre-'66 Jaguar models, marked the first time such a diverse group of historic competition Jaguars would be assembled as part of a race series and was to take place over five of the best driver’s circuits in Europe at world famous historic race meetings. Nik signed himself up along with his 62 E-type to take part immediately! In 2016, the HERU was awarded support from the Government’s Innovate Energy Game Changer fund, enabling further development and trials. Multiple full-scale field evaluations will commence at the end of 2017, with a view to full production 2019/20. 2016 was to be an eventful one for Nik. He was into his third year of racing his MGB in the HSCC series and during a race at Silverstone, the home of British Motor Racing, Nik beat the very same Porsche that he was 7 seconds behind back in 2013 when he first started. A mega day for Nik who went on to win the series, class D, for 2016! Nik’s personal highlight was also in 2016. Racing his 62 E-type in the Jaguar Heritage Series for the past three years since the series inception, the racing calendar of 2016 included a race at Le Mans, unbelievable for Nik. He suffered a fuel starvation problem during qualifying resulting in a 52nd place out of a grid of 62 in qualification. Nik shared the drive with Matt Nicoll Jones with Nik to drive first the race began with no fuel blockage. It was the most incredible race on the most incredible race circuit where he manged to get from 52nd to 13th before handing over to Matt, and was to be one of Nik’s personal racing highlights. Matt then went on to set the 7th fastest lap of the race before being dashed with a blown head gasket, finishing 48th. This still remains one of Nik’s best experiences, to quote Nik; ‘It was a fabulous few days away with some tremendous friends’.

Nik is an entrepreneur, a family man and a passionate petrol head. His business journey started with cars and his vision to one day be part of a super and classic car business has become reality with Spencer & Scott!